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Be enchanted by the genuine rural life you can only experience in Sicily.


Discover the charming village of Taormina, set on top of a gentle hill overlooking the blue Mediterranean waters. You will disclose countless layers of history while walking among its narrow medieval streets, picturesque gothic Palazzi and Norman influences. Your Access Italy Driver will make sure to show you the Roman Theater and the spectacular view you can admire from the ancient ruins. You will have the chance to make the Godfather Tour of Sicily by follow the steps of Michael Corleone and visit Savoca, a small town that became famous for its Bar Vitelli, where wedding lunch of Michael Corleone and Apollonia was held. You will move on to the slopes of Etna for an authentic Sicilian lunch and then enter the XVIII century residence of Don Corleone Castello degli Schiavi, the location for several scenes throughout the Godfather films. End your discovery sipping wine in a local winery, in the sunset of a perfect day.


Explore Sicily in a spectacular way, looking at it from above. You will enjoy an exclusive helicopter tour towards the Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe. Prison to the monster Typhon and home to the forges of Hephaestus according to Greek mythology, its imposing figure has been a constant in the culture and folklore of the Mediterranean Sea. While you hover the Etna craters in your private helicopter, you will admire the pitch-black paths formed by lava flows descending down the slopes that witnessed centuries of volcanic activity.


Explore Marsala, the land of Wine and Salt Ponds. Set on the westernmost point of the island, this modern Mediterranean city saw the rise and fall of many cultures, each contributing significantly to the flourishing of a vast artistic heritage. You will visit a local winery and sip the exquisite Marsala Wine, discovering how the British sailors made it famous all over Europe since 1773. While vineyards occupy the entire city’s surroundings, the real protagonist of this landscape are the Salt Ponds, offering spectacular sights when at sunset they become tinged with red and pink or when the snow-white accumulations of salt appear.


With an atmosphere that seems to be stuck in the 1950s and an overabundance of foreign influences throughout the centuries, this raw and simple land has fascinated international writers and directors for years, becoming the set of many Hollywood productions.


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