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Revel in the opulent elegance of the Italian capital of Carnival.


Witness the city’s most stunning landmarks while you’re regaled with fascinating historical facts and local insider tips. In your private tour, you will visit Venice’s main sites: St. Mark’s Square, the central landmark and gathering place in Venice, and St. Mark’s Basilica, the original chapel of Venetian rulers, decorated with breathtaking mosaics and striking bronze horses on the terrace. You will pass by the Doge palace, the traditional Gothic palace of Venetian rulers and once home to Venice’s government courts and even prisons, and Rialto Bridge, over the stunning Grand Canal. After lunch you will continue on a private boat to begin your tour of the famous Venetian islands. The first stop is Murano, a city famous for its handmade glass. Though glass-making originated with the Romans in the 8th century, it reached its highest design form in Murano. Today, the artisans of Murano still use the same centuries-old technique, and you will be able to view this complex process during the tour of local glass-factories. Then you’ll visit Burano, a fishermen’s island known for its vibrant multi-colored houses. Your Guide will lead you through the narrow alleys and reveal the true culture and lifestyle of this charming, picturesque town.


Learn the art of mask-making with a master class while hearing all about Venice’s famous Carnival. Have a true Venetian experience and decor your very own Carnival mask. Your Maschereri will show you the step-by-step process involved in creating these ornately beautiful objects. The process begins with the making of the mold, which is then used to create the blue cartapesta (paper-mache) mask, before laying a white stucco coating over the exterior. You can decorate your own mask with sketches and paints followed by gold foil that adds a particular Venetian pizzazz. While you’re crafting your mask, you will listen to tales of its storied past and learn how it has been used in Venetian celebrations throughout the years. And at the end, you’ll have your very own, handcrafted Venetian mask to take back home as a memento of your experience.


Experience the exclusive art of Venetian rowing and feel like a real Venetian for a day. Your Access Italy  guide will take you through the city's maze-like canals to meet your rowing instructor. After a brief introduction on the correct techniques, where you will be shown the correct position to take up when rowing, you will enjoy exploring the canals of Venice, large and small, on a traditional craft: the 18th century Batea da Fresco or the 17th century Gondola. You can even just relax on board, enjoying the unique panorama of Venice from best point of view: a boat.


Considered by many the most luxurious Italian city, you will be led along the canals weaving its peculiar cityscape as you discover a history rich in culture, art and anecdotes that have shaped this gem of northern Italy through the centuries.


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