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Our flexible payment & cancellation policy becomes even more flexible.


New 2021 Payment and Cancellation Policy


Just like in 2020, Access Italy will reschedule for free or fully refund any trip cancelled due to COVID-19 imposed restrictions or other Force Majeure circumstances. With travel expected to open soon, our new policies are adapted to give you peace of mind when booking with us.


  • Low Confirmation Deposit – A Euro 500.00 refundable deposit is requested upon itinerary confirmation

  • Deposit – A 20% deposit will be due only once authorities lift travel restrictions (to your destination) currently in place due to COVID-19

  • Dedicated COVID-19 clause – A dedicated cancellation clause has been added to make the deposit valid for a future trip or 100% refunded

  • Balance – 30 days prior to travel to give us more time to monitor any evolving situations

  • Payments – Secure and Easy.


Please see below our complete list of T&Cs.








Terms & Conditions


  1. Booking Policy

Upon booking confirmation, Access Italy requires a Euro 500.00 refundable deposit.


A 20% deposit will be due once authorities lift travel restrictions (to your destination) currently in place due to COVID-19. Travel restrictions may be lifted without limitation or selectively (e.g., based on vaccination criterion): in both cases we will contact you before proceeding with the 20% deposit payment request in order to confirm your eligibility to travel. The 20% deposit is fully refundable if the COVID-19 & Force Majeure Cancellation Policy applies.


The balance must be paid by 30 days before the date of the first service booked with Access Italy.


Access Italy makes all necessary arrangements and services purchases upon confirmation of your booking to give you the best possible touring experiences. Please note that any modifications made at a later date, might affect the quality of your tour and might entail an extra cost.


With regard to Hotel and Tickets Cancellations, Access Italy will refer to the specific Cancellation Policy of each Hotel/Ticket Provider (please refer to the dedicated Clauses).


  1. Payment Policy

The payments are processed in collaboration with our trusted partner Flywire, a specialized platform in payment solutions.


For each payment (Deposit, Balance, Extra) an email is sent to you with the amount to be paid and payment instructions.


All Rates, unless otherwise specified, are in Euros. The Client can choose from multiple payment options shown with full transparency and disclosing the actual amount in local currency that will be charged on the Client’s credit card or bank account. Exchange rates are valid for the day when the Transaction (payment or refund) is processed.


For more information on Flywire’s Terms and Conditions please refer to


  1. Cancellation Policy


3.1 Tour and Transfer Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policy applies:

  • If cancelled up to 30 days (30th day included) from the first service booked with Access Italy: Euro 500.00 Confirmation Deposit full refund and 20% Deposit (if already paid) refunded at 90%;

  • If cancelled 30 days or less from the first service booked with Access Italy: no applicable refund, the whole amount will be charged as penalty.

For COVID-19 Cancellations please refer to the clause below.


3.2 COVID-19 & Force Majeure Cancellation Policy

Cancellations might be necessary due to COVID-19 imposed restrictions or other Force Majeure circumstances. If that is the case, Access Italy offers full flexibility and gives the Client the possibility to choose between the following options:

  • A full refund of the amount that has been already paid;

  • A partial refund of the amount that has been already paid with the reminder of the sum (to be agreed upon) to be valid as a credit for a future booking;

  • A credit for a future booking for the entire amount paid.


3.3 Hotel Cancellation Policy

Access Italy will refer to the specific Cancellation Policy of each Hotel, that will be advised at the time of booking.


3.4 Ticketing Cancellation Policy

Access Italy will refer to the specific Cancellation Policy of each Ticket Provider/Broker:

  • If the Ticket Provider/Broker offers a full or partial refund/credit, Access Italy will consequently reimburse the amount to the Client and/or offer a credit for a future booking;

  • If the Ticket Provider/Broker charges as penalty all or part of the amount already paid upon booking, the same penalty will be applied by Access Italy to the Client.


  1. Services Reconfirmation & Rescheduling

Prior to your arrival we will send over final documents with a summary of all the activities confirmed and the necessary details for your stay.


Please note that, in case of unforeseen reasons (e.g., natural events, unfavorable weather conditions or other Force Majeure circumstances), we are unable to deliver a specific activity, we will do our best to reschedule it at the most convenient time, according to your travel plans. In case we are not able to reschedule, a full refund of the specific service will be provided. Cancellations cannot be made if local authorities consider conditions to be safe.


Please note that Access Italy cannot be held responsible for changes caused by the following conditions:

  • Flight, train, ferry, cruise ship or any other public transportation, delays or cancellations;

  • Luggage loss;

  • Strikes of public transportation personnel.


For transfers, Access Italy expects each passenger to have 1 checked-in bag and 1 carry-on bag. If you are expecting more luggage during your travel, please inform us as soon as possible, so we can quote the most appropriate vehicle to accommodate your party.


  1. Insurance

We encourage all clients, while traveling to apply for Travel Insurance. This will allow you travel with peace of mind. Under the current circumstances, we highly recommend an insurance that also covers cancellation due to COVID-19 imposed restrictions. Travel Insurance can reimburse you for non-refundable air and land costs, if you have to cancel a trip due to personal or family illness or accident or COVID-19 (if applicable).


Access Italy is not responsible for any personal items left unattended during tours.


  1. Privacy Policy

We may obtain information about you in a variety of ways, such as when you voluntarily provide it to us in order to build your customized Itinerary or book tickets, hotels or other type of services that require personal information.


We may use and/or share the information we obtain about you with our partners, as permitted by applicable law, with the main scope of providing and improving the services agreed upon in the Booking and for future travel.


For what regards the payment information, please refer to the Flywire Global Privacy Policy


Access Italy reserves the right to use and publish any picture or video taken during a tour on the Access Italy website or social channels.