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Family Friendly

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Family Friendly

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Access Italy will plan for your family a 360° itinerary that will be educational, rich of cultural and historical references and at the same time fun and engaging.

Access Italy develops tours with the little ones in mind, offering a large amount of experiences focused on showing the best Italy has to offer in a relaxed and engaging manner, suitable for adults and children alike. Our trips in Italy are designed for everyone in the family. Every activity is carefully thought out to include both historical and cultural information, but also fun facts and engaging anecdotes. During an Access Italy vacation, you will experience a fun spin on the Italian culture, with an itinerary that intends to be family friendly.

We always aim to get to know our guests and to show them how an Italian family truly lives. Access Italy will welcome your family and will make you feel like you never left home at all. Our culture of hospitality and authenticity creates an environment that inspires friendship and familiarity, allowing you to explore each Italian destination with your dear ones in all tranquility and comfort.


You will experience each Italian destination in an authentic way and you will be escorted by friendly, selected guides that will arrange every experience to suit your family needs and interests. Ultimately, our goal is for you to enjoy a careless vacation with your loved ones, discovering Italy in an exciting and genuine way.


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