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Family Friendly

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Family Friendly

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Access Italy will plan for your family a 360° itinerary that will be educational, rich of cultural and historical references and at the same time fun and engaging.

Access Italy develops tours with the little ones in mind, offering a large amount of experiences focused on showing the best Italy has to offer in a relaxed and engaging manner, suitable for adults and children alike. Our trips in Italy are designed for everyone in the family. Every activity is carefully thought out to include both historical and cultural information, but also fun facts and engaging anecdotes. During an Access Italy vacation, you will experience a fun spin on the Italian culture, with an itinerary that intends to be family friendly.

We always aim to get to know our guests and to show them how an Italian family truly lives. Access Italy will welcome your family and will make you feel like you never left home at all. Our culture of hospitality and authenticity creates an environment that inspires friendship and familiarity, allowing you to explore each Italian destination with your dear ones in all tranquility and comfort.


Discover Siena in an unconventional way, unveiling the masterpieces, monuments and traditions of this Tuscan town via an exciting Scavenger hunt. Your Access Italy guide will arrange a customized itinerary in the main alleys, squares and monuments of Siena, bringing your family to learn all the anecdotes that made this city famous all over the world. Look for clues and answer tricky questions as you search for a secret treasure at the end! You will learn about history, art and culture, as the most authentic Sienese traditions are brought back to life with this fun, engaging adventure.


Treat your senses to an explosion of fragrances as you discover the ancient art of creating perfumes. Your Access Italy guide will take you to a local Florentine workshop, where the most sensitive noses in the country work on designing amazing combinations of aromas. The resident perfume maker will explain the fine art of mixing scents, starting from scratch ingredients such as flowers or fruits. You will have the chance to learn the process lying behind the making of a new fragrance and by the end of your experience you will create your own personal one, to bring back home as a memento of your trip


Experience a family friendly activity and learn how to make authentic Italian Gelato. Go behind the scenes and discover the secrets of what makes gelato so delicious. Synonymous with Italy, this cold treat dates back to ancient Rome, where it was once made from snow and ice brought down from mountaintops and pre-served below ground. Today, it’s made with milk, cream, various sugars and flavouring, such as fresh fruit and nut purees. Your Access Italy Gelataio will walk you through the step-by-step process of making your favourite flavour, before enjoying your sweet treat.


Live an authentic hand-on experience and learn how to cook in a real Italian house with our Mamma Eva. Start from scratch and choose your ingredients guided by our Chef at the picturesque food market: Campo de’ Fiori. Continue by cooking your favorite local meal and learn the secrets that make Italian cuisine the most sought after in the world. Our Mamma Eva will open her beautiful house and will let you discover the recipes for Italian Tagliatella. The activity will end at the dinner table tasting your creations.


Enjoy a more playful side of Venice as you discover the traditional games played by Venetians when growing up. Your Access Italy guide will take you through the less beaten paths of the Cannaregio Quarter, on the northernmost side of Venice. This is where many Venetians were raised and where several authentic traditions were born and are still practiced every day. The local children used to gather with friends along the canals and they would entertain themselves with the most simple and genuine games, often requiring just a rock, a wire or a piece of chalk to get lost in an imaginary world made of knights, princesses, witches and fairies. Set your inner child free and experience a family friendly activity that will animate your vacation in an original way.


Experience the exclusive art of Venetian rowing and feel like a real Venetian for a day. Your Access Italy guide will take you through the city's maze-like canals to meet your rowing instructor. After a brief introduction on the rowing techniques, where you will be shown the correct position to take up when rowing, you will enjoy a tour among the canals of Venice, large and small, on a traditional craft: the 18th century Batea da Fresco or the 17th century Gondola.
You can even just relax on board, enjoying the unique panorama of Venice from best viewpoint: a boat.




You will experience each Italian destination in an authentic way and you will be escorted by friendly, selected guides that will arrange every experience to suit your family needs and interests. Ultimately, our goal is for you to enjoy a careless vacation with your loved ones, discovering Italy in an exciting and genuine way.


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